Accident or Not?

I have friends in Orlando who live this as their philosophy,

We go nowhere by accident.
Wherever we go, God is sending us.
Wherever we are, God put us there for a purpose.
Christ who indwells us has something to do through us wherever we are.

Though I try to share their conviction, I am often the one of little faith. Walking through our yard last week, barefooted, on the phone, I have to wonder, was what I stepped in an accident? A gift from our dogs? A gift from God?
I make lots of mistakes. They seem to be life’s learning lessons for me. Only God, perhaps, never blunders, though the duck billed platypus makes me wonder. That being the case, I take this paraphrase of Psalm 53 that I came across this week as no chance reading but an assignment to study. See if you don’t agree.
Psalm 53
by Stephen Mitchell

The ignorant say to themselves,
“All things are accidental;
There is no justice on earth,
and after death there is nothing”
They think that they know.
Their minds move on the surface of things
They don’t perceive the deep patterns.
They don’t understand who they are
They slip into selfishness.
Or slide down into despair

Let your light shine into them, Lord.
Let your wisdom transform their lives
Let them realize who they are and where they come from.
Let their minds become spacious and clear
Let compassion flow from their hearts.
Into the slightest of their actions
Let them care for the weak and the wretched.
And share their wealth with the poor
Then I will burst out in thanksgiving.
And rejoice in the power of your love.

As you live out whatever lessons God has for you from worship today, take this Psalm with you. Study it well. There may be a test on it later. If there is, it will be no accident.