Audience of One

In the theater to the right, where would you place the following?

Choir or Singers and Musicians

The common response is to place the preacher, choir, and musicians on stage, the congregation in the audience, and God everywhere. We discuss worship as in any theater. Soren Kierkegaard challenged our thinking of worship and said that we have the audience wrong. The congregation is not the audience. God is the audience. Those who gather for worship are on stage. The preacher, singers, and musicians are all backstage prompting the congregation. It is not our pleasure which is the final judge but God’s. It is not whether or not we consider a service meaningful but whether God finds meaning in our service, in church and out, on holy days and every days. God is our audience of One.

Recently, the music group from our church, Macland Presbyterian, went to serve dinner and sing at a local rehab center.  Due to an overdose of one of the residents, the men all went to a group. Our band was there, but didn’t have anyone to hear their music. Randy Campbell sang anyway. I’ve heard the familiar expression, “Dance like no one is watching.” Randy sang like God was listening. See and hear what God heard and saw at this link:

This Christmas, and all throughout the year, remember your audience of One.