Why Worry?

Worry won’t make tomorrow come quicker.
Worry won’t fix your broken yesterday.
Worry won’t keep you from squandering each moment.
So, why worry?

Worry won’t feed you.
Worry won’t keep you safe.
Worry won’t make you live longer.
So, why worry?

 Why worry about your house
when the world is your home?
Why do you worry about death
when you have yet to fully live?

Those who worry are
like the group of starving people
who asked God for beans.
God gave them a banquet.
They complained,
“But where are our beans?”
They were in the way
but not in The Way.

 Do you think the bird worries
about what it will eat
or what it will wear?
Of course not!
It’s too busy flying.
If it starts worrying, it will crash.
Birds in flight are flying in The Way.
Do likewise, or you’ll crash.