The Way of Giving, Possessing without being Possessed

You can possess objects while you’re alive
   but once your objects start possessing you,
   you will stop enjoying them as well as your life.
   Once you forget what stuff is for,
   you will become greedy.
   Once you forget what people are for,
   you will become dominated by your own anxiety.

Don’t worry about what happens
   to your stuff after you die
   because after you die,
   it won’t be your stuff.

Just as adults don’t cry
   over lost dolls and trucks from childhood
   in the next life no one cries
   over toys they leave behind at death.  

The key to peace on earth is simple:
   everyone with two coats
   give one to someone who has none.

People are starving while the harvest is great.
   Won’t someone go get the people some food?